Structural Engineering

We design and optimize the structure for a variety of building types.
We create cost-efficient solutions that meet the architect’s vision and the client’s expectations.
The second aspect is the construction. In this phase we develop the ideal building plan
in regard to the contractor’s requirements and suitable technology.
Structural engineering services for buildings, bridges and special constructions include the following fields:

    –  statics

    –  dynamic analyses

    –  construction

    –  historic preservation

    –  condition appraisal

    –  material testing

    –  rehabilitation of constructions

    –  experimental structural analyses

Construction Physics

Calculations for thermal insulation and heat demand are essential in determining the usability of buildings, the room temperature, ventilation and energy efficiency.
Thermal construction physics are used to calculate the heat penetration, the estimated annual energy consumption, and the diffusion behavior of external building elements.
These results are essential when planning structural concepts for low or zero energy buildings.
Furthermore, we make calculations regarding fire prevention and acoustic insulation.

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