Structural design

Structural design defines the statical capabilities and the basic design for buildings and engineering structures. We provide you with constructively and economically optimized solutions for a variety of structures, including:

  • New construction and renovation for buildings
  • Protection and rehabilitation of architectural monuments
  • Engineering structures (bridges, supporting walls, etc.)

Load capacity analyzes and structural improvement of existing systems.

Building design

Architecture is an essential part of our living environment. In the implementation of architectural designs, many issues have to be reconciled.
First, these are the constructive and technical basics. In addition, functional, aesthetic, economic and biological aspects determine the quality of use and the architectural value. In this field we perform the engineers part  on buildings as for: Housing, business, education, administration, hospitals, hotels.


In the preservation of historic monuments, we are very active as planning and consulting engineers.
In doing so, we can show a wide range of references in the planning of historic town houses and warehouses, especially at the UNSECO World Heritage Site in the Hanseatic city of Wismar. The protection and rehabilitation of churches in North German brick Gothic is another important field of work.
We have extensive experience in the rehabilitation of church vaults. The reconstruction of the church in Barkow was awarded in 2008 with the Landesbaupreis Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Building physics

Building physics studies are indispensable for the usability of buildings, indoor climate and energy efficiency.
Thermal building physics calculates the heat transfer, the expected annual energy consumption and the diffusion behavior of exterior components.
In addition, the building physics investigations cover the areas of sound insulation, room sound and fire protection. For buildings with low-energy or zero-energy concepts, building physics issues are already crucial in the design phase.

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