Bismarck Momorial, Hamburg

Bismarck Memorial, Hamburg
Description:Stability expertise
Building time:2018 – 2019
  • assessment of overall safety with regard to
  • static assessment cracks in the supporting vault
  • static assessment of stability dome with respect
    to damage in adjacent vaults
  • proposal remediation measures crack
  • proposal securing dome

The Bismarck Monument was completed in 1906 after about 3 years of construction. The Monument has a total height of 34 m (statue 14.80 m). Conversion to the bomb shelter 1939. The existing vaults were reinforced between the buttresses with additional concrete vaults on “preußischen kappen”. Additional coffered ceilings were erected on masonry piers erected on a sole. The wall between the pillars created 8 rooms.
During the war a bomb detonated on the west side. Part of the war damage was eliminated in 1949/50.

  • setting up to 40 cm in the course of life
  • misalignment due to settlement differences
  • stalactite and stalagmite formation
  • cracks in supporting vaults and sole

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